Monday, October 29, 2012

IIT JEE questions

    Maths online presents IIT JEE practice questions for the aspirants of the distinguished Indian Institute of Technology entrance test. Sample question is given below, please pay 1$ to get access to the questions (total 50 in number). Drop me a comment if you want the questions (and answers).

Sample question: 1. Prove that for every prime \[p, p^{n}\] does not divide \[((p - 1)*n)!\].
2. Define a nice number as a rational number, with numerator and denominator positive and not exceeding some number. \[N(x, y, n)\] indicates the number of nice numbers, in \[[0, n], a/b, a <= x and b <= y\], What is the formula for N?.
3. B.Stat question [Research problem conceived by me AFAIK]. Consider a prime number p. Consider all numbers having it as a factor. Repeatedly sum the digits of those numbers until you get a number less than or equal to p. In this sequence, will you ever get a p?